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Why don’t you ship large bottles of oil and vinegar?

- We have found in the past that large bottles are more prone to break en route. 

Where is my tracking number?

- We would be more than happy to send you your tracking number. To receive your tracking number call us at 850-433-6505 or send an email to becca@bodaciousolive.com with your name and order number.

Do you express ship?

- We do not express ship. Shipments will arrive between 5-6 business days. 

My bottles are broken, what do I do?

- Uh oh! Send an email to becca@bodaciousolive.com and describe the broken bottles. A picture is even better! We will be happy to send you the replacement bottles or refund your order.

How long will it take to get my shipment?

-  Shipments will arrive between 5-6 business days after the order has been fulfilled. Our fulfillment time is between 5-10 business days. 

Can I have my order gift wrapped?

- Unfortunately we do not gift wrap shipments. We can place a gift enclosure card with your message along with the package. Gift notes can be made when you checkout.

Do I receive my loyalty points when I shop online?

- Loyalty points are an in-store promotion only.